On Ok'ala, nations clash as a group of heroes, led by Kaden Mosi, navigate conflicting loyalties to their homeland Ki'are and sacred beliefs.

Branded enemies of the state and outlawed by their order, they're on the run, caught between allegiances.

Meet The Characters

The heroes, the villains, and everyone in between.

KaDen Mosi

A Spy for O’Kala undercover as a Priest of a religious order! KaDen finds that his duty to justice can sometimes come into conflict with his beliefs…


KaDen’s back up and follower of the religious order. When trouble arises…it’s go time.Whether he’s ready or not she is there to even the odds!

Prime Minister J'Kon

Being a leader comes naturally to J’kon. He’s used to the games people play. But are they ready for HIS. Everything is falling into place & soon the nations of Ki’are will be wondering… “What HIT them?”


Longtime Priest, Devout believer in “The Faith” of O’kala and a GOOD man. MyKal offers patience, council and training to his students. To those who give him opposition…a demonstration of the power of the ONE MIND.


O’kala’s FEARLESS military commander. Her Job…? Loyal protector of Prime Minister J’kon while protecting O’Kala from ALL threats inside and out. Whether it’s a strategic plan or tactical fight you best believe you will be on the losing side.


MyKal’s most loyal, obedient and promising student since KaDen Mosi. Confident…brash and totally full of himself. He’s ready for anything and anyone.

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