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Step into Thingamajig Studios, where imagination reigns! We rewrite the rules of storytelling, we're here to spark your imagination, break boundaries, and whisk you away on unforgettable adventures. So, why wait? Dive into our world, where every tale is a masterpiece in the making!

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Dive into a Multiverse of Marvelous Comics

Me & Mr. Jones

Former spies, a Chupracabra, a hybrid teen, and young monsters unite against a mysterious foe. The battle for the future starts!

The Chronicles of Gabriel

Angels on a mission to save souls encounter demons, Chronicles of Gabriel, Van, and Omar armed with divine weapons.

The Outlawed

Tensions escalate on Ok'ala as heroes navigate loyalty, betrayal, and survival. Meet THE OUTLAWED in their daring quest for justice.

Buffalo Squad

Secret U.S. operatives conduct global covert operations: assassination, demolition, guerrilla warfare, anti-terrorism.

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Discover Our Founding Story and Creative Vision

Step into the extraordinary realm of Thingamajig Studios—a brainchild born from the shared passion of three visionary friends. Here, we transcend the ordinary, merging the worlds of comics, anime, movies, and art into a rich tapestry of boundless entertainment.

At ThingamajigStudios we're not just creators; we're trailblazers on a mission to redefine storytelling. Join us on an exhilarating journey where we push the boundaries of conventional entertainment, offering you immersive experiences in drama, action, adventure, and sci-fi. Brace yourself for a diverse array of animation styles as we embark on new projects, introduce fresh additions, and set audacious goals—all crafted to deliver 'Entertainment For Your Imagination’.

Meet Our Founders

Discover the Visionaries Behind ThingamajigStudios

James Merrill

From St. Louis to Carson, James embraced comics, anime, and film, shaping his storytelling passion. With partners, he founded a publishing company.

Michael Scott

Memphis-born Michael Scott, a comic enthusiast, joined forces with James Merrill and John Kimpson in 2005, bringing ThingamajigStudios to life.

John Kimpson

Long Beach native John's love for comics led to founding ThingamajigStudios with childhood friend James Merrill, aiming to inspire enthusiasts.

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