Former spies, a half-siren, half-vampire girl, and monsters uncover a conspiracy with an escaped Chupacabra holding a secret.

They navigate alliances, facing a ruthless leader, to protect their world and supernatural beings' future against looming darkness.

Meet The Characters

The heroes, the villains, and everyone in between.

Mr. Jones

Foster parent, Vampire, Ex-Spy… Mr. Jones sets out to protect the kids from the “EVIL” organization called THE COMMITTEE. Even knowing that as he moves closer to the truth he will have to facedown his old student…Spymaster.


It’s not easy being a “Master of Spies”! Spymaster’s love of technology & gadgets makes him a most formidable spy for THE COMMITTEE. However, his true greatness will be realized the day he defeats his one time Mentor & Ex-Partner…Mr. Jones!


Half Vampire. Half Siren. Karina is the heart of this team & a protector of her foster brothers. But what is her true power? Travels will unlock doors & reveal the secrets that make her a powerhouse!


What’s a kid from an underwater city doing on dry land? Gil & his partner have been assigned by THE COMMITTEE to “help” Spymaster. But Gil is more than a handful with that chip on his shoulder! You better watch out!!


Tut is more LOST than anything! He has no memory of how he came to this world, but it clearly isn’t his time period either. If he sticks close to Mr. Jones he hopes to find clues that may one day, return him HOME.


One of Mr. Jones’s first foster kids… Wolfie offers friendship & laughs to his foster family. But he’s bringing a world of HURT to anyone who tries to stop them.


Godson to Mr. Jones or Spymaster? That’s unclear! All Chuie knows is he’s found a home & safety with Mr. Jones & the other kids. This puts him front & center to aid in the mystery of locating his parents.


Partner to Gil, Frank is the brains of the duo…and the brawn!! He wants nothing more than to be a protégée to Spymaster and aid in the mission. But what is THE COMMITTEE hiding from him?

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