Your government engages in covert operations like assassinations, demolitions, guerrilla warfare, and anti-terrorism activities worldwide, despite officially denying their existence, seeking global influence impacting the U.S.

Meet The Characters

The heroes, the villains, and everyone in between.


Covert Operations: The ultimate dream girl. She can be whatever you desire. Remember, desires can kill and so can she!


Transport: Always the life of the party and the ultimate fly boy. Don't let the cool demeanor fool you, he can be just as deadly as his team.

Mother Webb

Second in command: Don't let the name fool you! This isn't the kind of mother you want to disobey. Her drive and determination are only matched by her desire to do the right thing at any cost.


Team leader: Charismatic leader of the team is he real or a myth? Either way if you are unlucky enough to meet him it might be the last thing you see.


Sniper: What do you do when surviving means trusting others?The problem is that's what got you into this mess to begin with!


Spy: The perfect everything, or at least that's what she wants you to believe. Don't look to deep you might not live to tell what you found out.


Weapons DIAMOND: The muscle of the group. Question, What do you fight for when you've lost the most important thing in your life?

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