Thing-a-majig Bios

Meet James, John and Michael—the three creative geniuses behind Thing-a-majig!

James Merrill

Some people are artist, able to draw and write. Some are born salesman. Then there are those rare individuals who able to join with other creative talent to produce quality products. James Merrill is one of them.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, James later moved to California and grew up in Carson. The City was a small suburban community south of Los Angeles, during the 80s was home to notable icons a pop culture such as Quentin Tarantino, Who worked at the Carson twin cinema and Forest Whitaker, A public figure you could see strolling in Carson mall.

During those early years his love of comics, Japanese anime and movies with their unique storytelling and cinematography began to shape James’ aptitude for storytelling. Together, with his partners they formed their own publishing company to create quality characters and storylines based on the genre he loves so much.

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John Kimpson's Headshot

John Kimpson

Born and raised in Long Beach California is where, as a youth, John discovered he had a passion for animation, sci-fi, kung fu flicks and especially comic books. After moving to Carson CA in 1982, he met his childhood friend, James Merrill, and found they had the same passion. In 1990 the circle was completed when Mike Scott became the last piece of the puzzle. As a youth he loved to go to comic book conventions and dreamed of one day being able to be a vendor with his own super hero’s story.

Now he has the chance, along with his cofounders—who also dreamed of the same things—to bring new entertainment that will hopefully inspire a new generation of enthusiast.

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Michael Scott

Michael A. Scott was born October 8th, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee. Being the eldest of three boys, at an early age he learned how to use his imagination to amuse his younger siblings, to help out his mother while she worked around the house. In his younger years he spent time reading, collecting comic books and action figures of his favorite super-heroes. Michael would make up alternate stories to his favorite comics, in doing this he realized his talent for writing.

He then began to create a character, and make up stories for his character. Michael would keep these stories and pictures in a three-ring binder, in hopes of one day creating his own comic book. In 1988 Michael left Memphis for California, and began his career in private security. Still working a regular full-time job, he never gave up his dream of creating a comic book.

In 1990 he met up with James Merrill and John Kimpson, who had the same interest in comics and creating a book. The more their friendship grew, the more they realized how much in common they had, and decided to try to create a comic book.

Some years went by, and the book was put to the side, until 2005 when the dream was again at the forefront of their minds. Michael teamed up with James again and new friend John to create Thingamajig Studios. The team is looking forward to the next few years to bring their imaginations to life in books and in the animation realm.

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